Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready for a classic consultant answer?

It depends.

Most of our clients can expect a 5% – 15% reduction in 3rd party spend, but it depends on how mature your Procurement function is and what efforts are already underway. (We don’t want to claim credit for savings that are already underway.)

In addition to concrete savings, our clients also achieve better customer satisfaction scores, and less hair loss due to stress.

We’re kind of fake consultants.

Almost every member of our team comes from industry, NOT from consulting.

Our team has REAL experience leading Procurement functions for Fortune 10 – Fortune 500 companies.

We’re not very good at selling unnecessary, add-on services.
We’re not obsessed with billable hours.

We’re probably the funniest consultants you’ll ever hire. Okay, that may not be true…

I bet you’d LOVE to know.

Maybe if you’re nice one of us will tell you.

We’ve got both of em! We just didn’t bother to put them in extra large font on our home page because we figured no one would care. If you’re reading this, though, you must care… So here they are, you carer!

Our Mission

To help executives improve profitability for their organizations.

Our Promise

To help you fulfill your organization’s potential and put the future within reach.

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Charles serves as The NiVACK Group’s CFO and he works closely with the firm’s clients to improve financial outcomes.

Charles Gunn

Charles Gunn

Charles Gunn