Organizational Operations

In order to amaze your customers, your organization has to have the right people with the right knowledge, skills, and attributes in the right place at the right time.

What We Do

Organizational Design & Selection

  • Organizational Design & Selection (OD&S) focuses on improving performance by evaluating and optimizing an organization’s workforce and structure and enabling the appropriate balance between Specialization, Coordination, Knowledge & Competence, Control & Commitment, and Innovation & Adaptability.
  • Our team can work with you every step of the way.

Organizational Assessments

  • An Organizational Assessments is a methodical appraisal of an entity’s organizational design and work environment that is conducted with the aim of identifying areas of improvement and developing plans to support that improvement.
  • The NiVACK Group will customize an assessment that is tailored to your organization.

Employee Journey Development

  • Hiring & onboarding practices should be tailored to organizational objectives.
  • Talent pipelines and succession plans should support long-term operations.
  • Fully immersive early career programs can be adopted that focusing on business acumen, professional skills, and leadership development. These can include robust shadow and mentoring programs.
  • Leadership and professional development programs should address any skills gaps that are found during comprehensive assessments.
  • Employee engagement and workplace culture practices should improve also align with company goals and objectives.
  • Our team has experience in all of these areas.

What You Gain

Organizational Alignment

Organizational Alignment

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Reduce Turnover

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Enhanced Metrics

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Immersive Career Programs

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Non-traditional Labor Pipelines

Improve Workforce Engagement

Improved Employee Engagement

At The NiVACK Group, we treat our clients like family, and like family, we do our best to give your business the tools it needs to become more profitable by driving lasting, strategic value based on proven experience. Reach out to learn the smartest way for your business to be more profitable.


Procurement Employee Development Program

A Procurement Employee Development Program (PEDP) is specifically tailored to the procurement professional. It focuses not only on technical competencies such as sourcing, negotiations, contracting, supplier management, and business relationship management, but also on the skills that set procurement professionals apart.

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