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Organizational Strategy

With demographic and technological shifts accelerating the pace of change, it’s more important than ever to ensure your organization has a strategy that drives cross-functional alignment and operational agility through intentional design, workforce development, transparency, and measured accountability.

What We Do

Organizational Design

  • The organizational designs we most frequently interact with are often based on outdated models and fail to account for or adapt to the technological and demographic forces reshaping the business environment.
  • The structure of an organization is a fundamental determinant of its operational success. We help you develop an organizational design that aligns with your industry and mission and that’s resilient to changes in technology and the broader business landscape.

Workforce Strategy

  • NiVACK helps you create dynamic hiring, onboarding, and talent development programs that maximize the capabilities of your organization and prepare you to face an increasingly disruptive and complex business landscape.
  • Employees are an organization’s largest asset. In increasingly disruptive and complex times, dynamic hiring, onboarding, and talent development programs are critical to sustain employee engagement. We have leading experience in creating customized, agile talent strategies that result in the increased workforce efficiency, effectiveness, responsiveness, and resilience necessary to deliver a competitive advantage.

Operational Effectiveness

  • Leveraging data analytics, process automation, and optimization alongside workforce development strategies, The NiVACK group uses our practical enterprise-level experience to help you achieve optimal operational effectiveness.
  • Whether your organization is just getting off the ground, preparing to make an operational pivot, or is in the middle of a merger, acquisition, or divestiture, we can help you develop effective operations.

Organizational Engagement & Development

  • Our team helps you develop and execute global employee engagement initiatives focused on building cultural behaviors aligned with the strategic goals and objectives of your organization.

Operating Model

  • When an operating model is misaligned with the overarching business strategy, a divide between strategy and execution that can derail an organization’s ability to make key day-to-day decisions.
  • NiVACK works with you to develop a strategically aligned operating model that derives the most value from distinct capabilities of each business unit.

What You Gain

The NiVACK Group partners with your team to develop a comprehensive, innovative and unique organizational strategy designed from the ground up to deliver true competitive advantage.

Organizational Alignment

Organizational Alignment

Enhance employee experience Icon

Enhanced Employee Experience

Improve Workforce Engagement

Improve Workforce Engagement

Drive Innovation

Drive Innovation

Operational Effectiveness

Operational Effectiveness

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Reduce Turnover

At The NiVACK Group, we treat our clients like family, and like family, we do our best to give your business the tools it needs to become more profitable by driving lasting, strategic value based on proven experience. Reach out to learn the smartest way for your business to be more profitable.


Procurement Employee Development Program

A Procurement Employee Development Program (PEDP) is specifically tailored to the procurement professional. It focuses not only on technical competencies such as sourcing, negotiations, contracting, supplier management, and business relationship management, but also on the skills that set procurement professionals apart.

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