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The key to any organization’s success lies in its ability to adapt operations and build robust capabilities that enable profitability in the face of uncertainty.

What We Do

Strategic Planning

  • Best-in-class Procurement (‘Strategic Sourcing’) and Supply Chain organizations should have strategic, long-term plans that support the mission and vision of the greater organization (i.e. company)

Spend Analysis

  • Strategic Planning begins with in-depth Spend Analysis that identifies, analyzes, cleanses, categorizes, and analyzes spend data.

Intelligent Purchasing & Spend Management

  • Intelligent Purchasing focuses on identifying shared needs, contracting for the appropriate volume at fair prices and terms, minimizing risk, and engaging with the right suppliers.
  • Intelligent Spend Management focuses on forecasting and managing demand, improving policies, enforcing compliance, simplifying decisions, and cultivating an environment of accountability in Spend.

Capabilities Development

  • Capabilities Development focuses on enabling best-in-class capabilities by developing standards of excellence in Category Management, Business and Supplier Relationship Management, Procurement Performance Management, Supplier Diversity, Sustainable Sourcing, and other areas.

Category Management

  • Category Management focuses on identifying, developing, and implementing unique strategies tailored to specific spend groups.

Supplier Relationship Management

  • Supplier Relationship Management focuses on understanding supplier relationships and developing tailored strategies to manage specific tiers of suppliers.

Closed Loop Savings

  • Closed Loop Savings focuses on ensuring that savings show up on the P&L by incorporating Savings estimates into financial budgets and forecasts.

What You Gain

By partnering with The NiVACK Group, we’ll help you drive greater profitability and operational effectiveness, agility and resilience through your supply chain and procurement functions.

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Improve Profitability

Reduce Operational Costs

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Develop Capabilities

Tailored Strategy Development

Contract Analytics

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Operational Resilience

At The NiVACK Group, we treat our clients like family, and like family, we do our best to give your business the tools it needs to become more profitable by driving lasting, strategic value based on proven experience. Reach out to learn the smartest way for your business to be more profitable.


Supplier Relationship Management

Strategic SRM is an intentional process focusing on building and leveraging two-way relationships that are aimed at enhancing collaboration, fostering innovation, and driving competitive advantage.

Category Management

Category management is a formal strategy designed to ensure optimal performance within a specific category of spend. It is a core component of a mature Procurement organization which allows an organization to be proactive, not reactive when managing business relationships and supplier relationships.

Supplier Diversity

Diverse suppliers are often smaller businesses with more limited capabilities than your average supplier. For this reason, your Procurement team must be flexible when working with these vendors.

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