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Transformation & Change Management

The most successful organizations are often the most dynamic ones. They do not shy away from change. Instead, they embrace it, planning and executing transformations every few years in order to reinvent themselves.

What We Do

Program & Project Management

  • The NiVACK Group has a team of seasoned program and project managers that can oversee and coordinate your most critical operational endeavors and drive the organizational change your projects are designed to facilitate.

Metrics & Analytics

  • The success of an initiative must be measured in order to reflect on its relative success. We help you determine, measure, analyze, and report on quantitative characteristics of transformation and change.

Alignment, Engagement, & Communications

  • The most difficult thing about transformation and change management comes from a lack of understanding. The NiVACK Group helps you by developing and implementing initiatives to ensure optimal alignment, engagement, and communications so that your team understands:
    • What is it?
    • Why it’s being done?
    • How is it being done?
    • When is it being done?
    • Who is doing it?

What You Gain

The NiVACK Group partners with you to strategically manage, measure, and communicate your most transformational and disruptive endeavors.

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Manage Risk

Organizational Alignment

Align Operations

Operational Effectiveness

Enable Transformation

Improve Workforce Engagement

Engage Stakeholders

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Support Decision Making

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Support Decision Making

At The NiVACK Group, we treat our clients like family, and like family, we do our best to give your business the tools it needs to become more profitable by driving lasting, strategic value based on proven experience. Reach out to learn the smartest way for your business to be more profitable.

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Nick Gunn