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Business Process Improvement

The NiVACK Group takes a holistic approach to business process improvement to drive efficiency and agility from your operations and maximize the time your teams spend on critical, value-add activities.

What We Do

Business Process Improvement and Transformation

  • The NiVACK Group conducts a holistic analysis of your business processes, understanding how various teams and systems interact from end-to-end in order to realize the cross-functional synergy that drives organizational competitiveness and helps meet your financial ambitions.
  • We leverage our experience working with some of the world’s most innovative, agile, and effective organizations to pinpoint areas within your business processes that can be incrementally improved, automated, outsourced, or completely transformed.
  • We help you successfully implement major technology transformations by working with you throughout the selection, preparation, implementation, and development phases, ensuring your workforce has the tools and skills it needs to drive the most out you.

Dynamic Operations

  • Things change fast, and organizations must be both proactive & reactive in order to cope with this change. 
  • Through reporting and data analysis, organizations can develop early warning systems that identify deviations from budgets and expectations.
  • Zero-based budgeting can limit unnecessary efforts and enable further dynamism.
  • An adaptive culture and a change-forward mindset can help your workforce prepare for and address uncertainty.

Process Automation

  • NiVACK pinpoints the areas within your business processes that are ripe for automation, analyzing your technical environment, workforce competencies, and organizational goals to develop an automation strategy best suited to your business.
  • With experience leveraging a range of intelligent process automation and data wrangling tools to automate thousands of hours of previously manual ours, our team empowers your workforce to focus work more valuable to their development and the objectives of the business.

What You Gain

The NiVACK Group partners with you to drive incremental or holistic business process transformations. We enable your workforce to operate in a rapidly changing, technologically volatile market by giving them the tools and training they need to get the most out of process automation and business process improvements..

Drive Innovation

Drive Innovation

Operational Effectiveness

Enable Transformation

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Empower Your Workforce

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce Operational Costs

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Enable Flexibility

Improved Metrics & Reporting

Improve Reporting

Our team works with you to automate the mundane, routine operational tasks and reimagine entire processes, freeing your staff to focus on the most value-add tasks while reducing overall operational costs.

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Nick Gunn
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Nick Gunn