What is The NiVACK Group?

The NiVACK Group is a family of executives, professionals, and problem solvers.

NiVACK Family

NiVACK / 'ni. 'vak /


A Procurement-focused executive advisory firm that provides Strategy and Operations services to help organizations become more profitable.

“The NiVACK team can help us build a world-class Procurement organization!”


Named after the members of the Gunn family:

Nick (Ni), Vanessa (V), Ash (A), Charles (C), Kate (K).

The NiVACK Family

The NiVACK Group was founded by father and son duo, Nick and Charles Gunn.

Nick, former Chief Procurement Officer of HP and HPE, fell out of love with corporate service and wanted to share his experiences with a wider range of clients. Charles, a former auditor, grew tired of simply telling his clients all of the things they were doing wrong and wanted to instead help them improve. In 2019, the duo joined forces, began providing unique value to clients, and then invited others to join the Company.

Today, the NiVACK family is a diverse group of talent with different backgrounds and experiences – all of which help us delight our customers!

Nick Gunn

Nick has a 30+ year track record of successfully leading and transforming organizations at scale, on time, and within budget. Throughout his career, Nick has found joy in delivering excellent value to customers and providing nurturing sought-after environments where employees can flourish.

Charles Gunn

⁣Prior to founding The NiVACK Group, he was a CPA and an auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Thanks to this experience in public accounting, Charles approaches business matters with intense attention to detail and organization.

To learn about our other team members:

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Traditional consulting firms can be expensive and staffed by inexperienced teams. Every NiVACK engagement team is composed of experienced team members who have a history of delivering value."

Nick Gunn, CEO

Core Values

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The NiVACK Group's core values reflect the sort of company we want to be. We want to be excellent at what we do. We want our clients and colleagues to understand how important they are to us. And we want to make a positive impact on the world around us.

Charles Gunn, CFO


We don’t do anything that doesn’t have a purpose. Seriously. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time on unimportant tasks.


We’re curious. We trust our clients, but we like to verify our claims and assumptions. That’s why we ask a lot of questions and try to understand exactly what it takes for our clients to be successful.


We treat our internal work product just like our client-facing work product. Things should be organized, make sense, and look pretty. Why? It sets a standard of quality our clients expect.


We nurture a very deliberate culture in which we are always learning. We expect our team to spend some time each week learning new skills, even if those skills are not directly related to their roles and responsibilities.


We work flexibly. We support our team members’ abilities to work when, where, and how they want. We’ve found that this helps provide more value to our clients while respecting our teams’ personal preferences, creating a real win-win situation!


We try to do good things out there. It’s our responsibility as NiVACK team members to do good things every day. It could be as simple as smiling at your neighbor as you walk your dog or bringing a homeless person a sandwich. It’s scientifically proven that when you do good things you are happier. And other scientists have even proven that happier people perform better. So we at NiVACK do good things every day and we’re happier and more engaged because of it!


We treat our clients like forever friends. We try to go above and beyond because we believe relationships are incredibly important and that if we invest in those relationships, good things will come.


♪ ♫ We are family! There really is no limit as to what NiVACK can become with our great team. ♪ ♫ 


We want to be the best employer ever. We want our employees to feel happy, confident, and secure, like family. We promise to continually develop our talent and create an environment where they never want to leave.

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Contact Charles to find out more about how NiVACK can serve you.

Charles serves as The NiVACK Group’s CFO and he works closely with the firm’s clients to improve financial outcomes.

Charles Gunn

Charles Gunn

Charles Gunn