Strategic Business Transformation

About NiVACK

Your uncorporate™ consulting team

We provide the personal consulting services you’re looking for to help you address your most complex problems.

Strategic Business Transformation - NiVACK
Strategic Business Transformation

Who we are

We’re a team of experienced experts.

Strategic Business Transformation

Most consulting firms hire a bunch of inexperienced individuals, hand them a playbook and put them in front of clients. We do things differently.

Our well-balanced approach focuses on pairing seasoned experts who have decades of industry experience with incredibly talented early career professionals.

We maintain nearly a 1:1 ratio of early career to experienced staff. The other guys have a ratio that’s more like 10:1.

NiVACK Group


The NiVACK Family

The NiVACK Group was founded by father and son duo, Nick and Charles Gunn.

Nick, former Chief Procurement Officer of HP and HPE, fell out of love with corporate service and wanted to share his experiences with a wider range of clients. Charles, a former auditor, grew tired of simply telling his clients all of the things they were doing wrong and wanted to instead help them improve. In 2019, the duo joined forces, began providing unique value to clients, and then invited others to join the Company.

Today, the NiVACK family is a diverse group of talent with different backgrounds and experiences – all of which help us delight our customers!

Nick Gunn

Nick has a 30+ year track record of successfully leading and transforming organizations at scale, on time, and within budget. Throughout his career, Nick has found joy in delivering excellent value to customers and providing nurturing sought-after environments where employees can flourish.

Charles Gunn

⁣Prior to founding The NiVACK Group, he was a CPA and an auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Thanks to this experience in public accounting, Charles approaches business matters with intense attention to detail and organization.

Strategic Business Transformation

What we believe in

Core values

As a family business we live our core values every single day, and we think that helps our customers.

Operational Effectiveness - Employee Engagement - Operation Model

Trust and Integrity

We treat our employees, partners and clients with trust, respect, and dignity.

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Empowerment and Accountability

Every employee is empowered to make decisions and held accountable for the outcome.

Culture - Employee Engagement - Leadership


We encourage curiosity and believe that action and progress are more important than perfection.

Workforce Transformation - Culture - Employee Engagement


We explore ideas, own failures, enjoy ourselves and celebrate successes together.

Our guiding principles

We’re professional, but we’ve got personality too.

Strategic Business Transformation
Charlie Gunn NiVACK
Strategic Business Transformation

Our guiding principles reflect the sort of company we want to be. We want to be excellent at what we do. We want our clients and colleagues to understand how important they are to us. And we want to make a positive impact on the world around us.

Charles Gunn | COO & Founder
The NiVACK Group

Here’s what’s on our mind

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