Nick Gunn

Nick Gunn

CoFounder & CEO

The professional side

Nick has a 30+ year track record of successfully leading and transforming organizations at scale, on time, and within budget. Throughout his career, Nick has found joy in delivering excellent value to customers and providing nurturing sought-after environments where employees can flourish.

As CEO of The NiVACK Group, Nick focuses on helping clients develop strategies and operating environments that improve revenue, operating profit, and cash flows while enhancing employee experience.

Prior to founding The NiVACK Group, Nick Gunn served as the Chief Procurement Officer at Hewlett Packard (HP) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) where he was accountable for optimizing $20 bn in annual Spend and managing about 1,500 employees, managers, and executives across the companies’ Real Estate, Procurement, Travel, Fleet, Security, and Aviation functions. Nick is a dynamic, transformational-focused leader with an abundance of experience in some of history’s most high-profile mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

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Traditional consulting firms can be expensive and staffed by inexperienced teams. Every NiVACK engagement team is composed of experienced team members who have a history of delivering value."

Nick Gunn

The fun side

Nick is an avid cook and whiskey connoisseur, which is why he spends a lot of his free time burning off the extra calories on his mountain bike!

He also loves game nights with friends and family and exploring new places with his wife, Vanessa.

If you ever encounter Nick in a game of trivia, be prepared. He knows almost all of the most useless things you could possibly imagine!