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Talent Retention

From Hire to Retire: The Smartest Way to Do Talent Retention!

Strategic Business Transformation
Strategic Business Transformation

How do you build a loyal and dedicated workforce?

A study by LinkedIn found that employees who felt that their company invested in their career were more likely to stay with the company. In the study, 93% of employees surveyed said that they would stay with their current employer longer if the company invested in their career development. The best way to retain employees is by making them feel valued and providing them the opportunity for growth within your organization. When an employee does not feel valued at work, 76% look for another job opportunity.

How much could you improve your organization’s employee retention rate by partnering with seasoned retention experts?  

Why choose NiVACK to improve your talent retention?

The NiVACK Group is the smartest way to solve complex problems. We use our experience to empower organizations to build a better tomorrow. We are a family-owned, boutique strategic business transformation advisory firm led by a team of seasoned consultants with actual, hands-on experience in developing and executing world-class talent retention plans.

Talent Retention

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Strategic Business Transformation
Workforce Planning - Procurement Management - Operating Model

Organizational Maturity Assessments:

Identify Areas of Opportunity. NiVACK guides our clients through assessments, including employee engagement surveys, focus groups, site visits, and key stakeholder meetings, to identify areas of opportunity for improving the employee experience and ultimately improve employee retention. 

Procurement Management

Career Path Roadmaps:

Clear Understanding of Professional Growth. NiVACK enables companies to develop, execute, and manage career roadmaps. Employees who have a clear understanding of the knowledge, skills, personal characteristics, and experience required to progress their careers are more likely to stay.

Culture - Employee Engagement - Leadership

Succession Planning:

Identifying and Developing Future Leaders. NiVACK works closely with our clients to determine the unique capabilities required to fill crucial organizational roles and identify internal employees ready for the next step in their career.

Talent Retention - Procurement Management

Employee Exit Interview Program:

Understand How to Retain Top Talent. NiVACK partners with our clients to create an exit interview template designed to take the temperature of their organization, while maintaining a strong employer brand, and finding novel ways to boost retention and reduce attrition. 

Strategic Business Transformation
Strategic Business Transformation

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