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Strategic Planning

Unlock Your Organization’s Potential: The Smartest Way to do Strategic Planning!

Strategic Business Transformation
Strategic Business Transformation

Does Strategy Matter?

Of course it does!

According to research conducted by The Association for Strategic Planning, businesses that engaged in strategic planning had a 26% higher revenue growth rate than those that did not and a 16% higher profit margin!

How much better could your business be with a world-class strategy?

Why Choose NiVACK for Strategic Planning?

The NiVACK Group is the smartest way to solve complex problems. We use our experience to empower organizations to build a better tomorrow. We are a family-owned, boutique strategic business transformation firm, led by a team of consultants with actual, hands-on experience in world-class strategic planning.

Strategic Planning

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Strategic Business Transformation
Talent Development - Financial Risk & Controls - Strategic Planning

Core Values:

Bring Beliefs to Life. We work with our clients to identify and bring to life the fundamental beliefs that guide the behaviors, decisions, and culture of an organization.

Workforce Transformation - Culture - Employee Engagement

Mission, Vision, Purpose, and Promise:

Build a Strong Foundation. We partner with our clients to create a mission, vision, purpose, and promise that instills a strong sense of identity, inspires employees, builds trust and loyalty with customers as well as stakeholders, and guides decision-making.

Talent Development Talent Acquisition - Strategic Planning

Long-Term Strategic Plan:

Anticipate Challenges and Seize Opportunities. We help you develop a comprehensive roadmap that outlines the long-term goal and strategies that will deliver value to customers and achieve your mission.

Workforce Planning - Procurement Management - Operating Model

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs):

Executing for Success. We create an operating plan with clear objectives and measures for executing the long-term strategic plan. We set “SMART” objectives and identify key results that will measure progress toward those objectives.

Strategic Business Transformation
Strategic Business Transformation

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Business Strategy

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Strategic Business Transformation

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