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Operating Model

Streamline Operations, Drive Growth: The Ultimate Guide to Implementing an Agile Operating Model!

Strategic Business Transformation
Strategic Business Transformation

Does Having an Operating Model Matter?

Of course it does!

According to a study conducted by McKinsey & Company, businesses that adopt an agile operating model can increase their revenue by up to 30% and reduce costs by up to 25%. By implementing an agile operational plan, businesses can become more resilient and competitive in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

How much better could your organization be with a world-class operating model?

Why Choose NiVACK for Strategic Operations?

The NiVACK Group is the smartest way to solve complex problems. We use our experience to empower organizations to build a better tomorrow. We are a family-owned, boutique strategic business transformation advisory firm led by a team of seasoned consultants with actual, hands-on experience in operating plan development, maturity assessments, and building operating model designs.

Operating Model

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Strategic Business Transformation
Workforce Transformation - Culture - Employee Engagement

Maturity Assessment:

Transform Your Team. We level-up your organization by extracting value from the nexus of your teams’ capabilities, processes, and technologies. Our holistic assessment peels back the layers of complexity within each functional area, highlighting and exploiting the synergies between them to deliver lasting results.

Operational Effectiveness - Employee Engagement - Operation Model

Operating Model Design:

Build A Strong Foundation. We work with our clients to put the right operating structure in place, allowing   you to identify and connect the necessary components to continually achieve your strategic business objectives.

Workforce Planning - Procurement Management - Operating Model

Operating Plan Development:

Fuel Business Growth. We partner with our clients to develop a robust operating plan, producing a comprehensive, data-driven roadmap that measures success, uncovers valuable insights -enthralling customers while propelling business growth.

Strategic Business Transformation
Strategic Business Transformation

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