No nonsense

Why do our clients like to work with us?

We hate the pretentious flair of traditional consultants, and we have a deliberate culture that tries to squash that the second it pops up.

Strategic Business Transformation
Strategic Business Transformation
Strategic Business Transformation


Others promise.
We deliver.

Our project governance model enables us to share regular performance updates with our clients so they can monitor our progress every step of the way. This helps us ensure we deliver the results our clients are looking for. Every. Single. Time.

why do our clients like to work with us?

We focus on tailored, innovative solutions.

Strategic Business Transformation

Our clients trust us to deliver innovative solutions that utilize the latest technologies to drive real impact for their organizations.

As an Al-enabled consulting firm, we bring cutting-edge tools and methodologies to every project, delivering measurable benefits and new levels of insight and efficiency to our work.

NiVACK Workforce Transformation
Strategic Business Transformation
We Cost Less NiVACK

why do our clients like to work with us?

We cost less.

We’re a fully remote (US-based) consulting firm, and because of that, we carry just a fraction of the overhead costs of the other guys.

That enables us to offer exceptional quality services at a rate the other guys can’t match – and we still make a modest margin which allows us to attract and retain the best talent in the market.

At The Nivack Group:


of our projects involve
components of Strategy,
Operations, and Workforce.


of our clients consistently
rate themselves as being
very satisfied with our work.

If we ever fail to deliver...

or meet any agreed-upon expectations, we commit our own resources to make it right. We stay engaged and committed to delivering the result you need regardless of what it takes. Our job isn’t done when we hand you our final report or strategic plan.

Strategic Business Transformation

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